Alpha Centauri

October 10, 2010

I wrote this with Peter Rosenthal in 2000 - words by Paul Levinson, music by Peter Rosenthal.   Pete is singing and playing all instrumental on this home demo.  This, as far as I know, is my only intentional science fiction love song...

Lyrics follow -

Alpha Centauri Words by Paul Levinson , Music by Peter Rosenthal

March 2000

Think of a place, far away as can be, and I'd still be thinking of you.

Way out in space, beyond any sea, you'd still be the dream that was true


'Round Alpha Centauri. You’re still the most beautiful star. 'Round Alpha Centauri. Our love can reach that far.  Our love can reach that far.

Light years from home, far away as can be, but I could be back in a flash.

Worlds that I've known, mean nothing to me, hey baby, you don't have to ask



From Alpha Centauri, I send you my story, til I am no longer away.

Round Alpha Centauri, there’s no need to worry, my love will grow stronger each day



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